It’s that time! You’re madly in love with that special someone, that someone you want to spend the rest of your life with…and gulp! 

You realise you want to MARRY this special someone. Well then, congratulations! You’re getting engaged! You can see the rest of your life ahead of you, waking up to your soulmate every day, relaxing Sundays…. And then…. You remember… you need an engagement ring and the fear of the bill hits home!   

“You have to spend at least 3 months’ salary”, “it has to be at least 1 Carat” or “it should be bespoke” are the conversations you remember and the taboos that are always mentioned that make you reach for the hammer to smash open that piggy bank! We are here to tell you to STOP!

At Britannia Jewellery, we are trying to break these old fashioned ideas! We can see the resurfacing and the new demand of pre-owned engagement rings. The covid -19 pandemic has made everyone stop and realise what is really important, family, friends and loved ones! It’s also highlighted the need to get more bang for your buck with our flailing economy and tenuous unemployment rates, why would you not want more value for your money?

Let’s go through some of the pros and cons.    


Money, money, money. Of course, a pre-owned engagement ring is going to be better value than a brand new piece, but you might be surprised to learn by how much. 

At Britannia Jewellery we have a classic Pre-owned 18ct white gold 0.50ct princess cut diamond solitaire ring. This stunning stone is a G in colour and SI1 – SI2 in clarity, £500.

A famous high street retailer is selling a 950 platinum 0.50ct princess cut diamond solitaire ring. G-H in colour and SI1 in clarity for £1875.

It should be noted the current price of platinum is less than gold! 

With a saving of £1375, I know what I would choose! 

All our pre-owned jewellery has been tested, cleaned and polished prior to sale. Some of our items have also been valued by the Birmingham Assay office and we will provide valuation certificates for those items. 


VARIETY is the spice of life and that’s what you get when buying pre-owned rings. At Britannia Jewellery we have a vast range of individual and original designs you won’t find elsewhere. We also stock a variety of classic styles oozing class and sophistication. Vintage is very on trend at the moment and it’s hard to find old cut diamonds in a brand new ring. Each piece has history and most of our stock comes with a valuation certificate direct from the Birmingham assay office. So you can buy with piece of mind and confidence! We also offer a 14 day exchange guarantee, so if what you thought your partner wanted isn’t quite that, you can exchange the item for something suitable! You can’t say fairer than that! 


Guys, I’m not exaggerating when I say I had to scrape the barrel with this one! It wouldn’t seem objective to create a pro/con list with no cons! 

“the one ring to curse them all”

The only CON I can find, relates to the superstition surrounding second hand pieces! Like something from that J.R.R. Tolkien book The lord of rings “the one ring to curse them all” now I don’t think this is the case unless you have Golem coming to claim “my precious”.


The environment is becoming more and more important and you can do your part by owning a pre-owned ring. Diamond mining has had a major impact on our environment, including deforestation, soil erosion and damaging our ecosystem. However small it may seem, every diamond and every gemstone has an impact and any reduction in the damaging of our environment is a positive one!

Ultimately, suggesting a ring will determine the course or success of your marriage is maybe a step too far! As far as we are concerned, one man’s loss is another’s gain – which is absolutely the case with Pre owned rings and jewellery

Now hurry up! And get in touch with us at Britannia Jewellery, in the heart of Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter! Our stunning one of a kind rings are selling fast!