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Explore Men's Gold Rings: From 9ct to 18ct New & Pre-Loved

Step into our world of men's gold rings, where the latest trends meet timeless treasures. Whether it's a sleek 9ct, a luxurious 18ct, plain gold, or white gold shining with diamonds and gemstones, find your next favourite here. New or pre-loved, your perfect match awaits.

Keeper rings

If you love wearing a classic, you would want to have a keeper ring to save the others from slipping off of your finger. These rings have rows of small gold balls, enhancing their beauty.

Britannia Jewellery are rich with keeper rings. Our 9ct Yellow Gold Keeper Ring is one of the best available on the market. It’s a unique design and has a reasonable price too. The solid 9ct yellow gold keeper ring has 5 rows and a rope edge. A classic keeper that goes with anything anytime.
All our gold keeper rings come with the UK hallmark stamp for that piece of mind.

College rings

College rings are a specialty among students. If you’re a high school, college, or university student, you wear these rings. Generally, they would have your course name decorated on it.

Britannia Jewellery have amazing quality college rings available at their helm. If you look at our 9CT Yellow Gold Replica of a traditional American design that students usually wear during their graduation ceremony.

These college rings are available in different stone colors, such as red cubic zirconia, black onyx, or the green cubic zirconia that is elegantly decorated around the shoulders. All of them come with an official UK hallmark stamp for that piece of mind.

Saddle rings

Saddle rings are popular among men. Although saddles are available in different sizes, they are usually bulky, which is why they are not so popular among women. They are saddle because there is a riding saddle with stirrups and a rope-shaped structure on the ring.

Similarly, Britannia Jewellery have quality saddles available in their stock. Our saddles are made from solid 9CT yellow gold. These rings are carefully polished and highly detailed with buckles and rings. They are a perfect jewel for men for their everyday wear. All this is available at reasonable prices compared to other online Jewellery retailers.

These saddle rings are available in a wide range of styles with an official UK hallmark stamp for that piece of mind.

Buckle rings

Buckle rings come in various sizes, making them ideal for everyone. These rings get their name from the way they look. Buckle rings have a buckle-shaped style engraved on the top of the ring. We have a variety of single buckle designs or a double buckle designs. It depends on your choice of style and your everyday wear.

You can explore all the Britannia buckle rings in our “men’s rings” section. There is a vast variety of rings available at reasonable prices. These 9ct Yellow Gold Buckle Rings come in a decently detailed band a single large buckle. All the Britannia buckle rings have an official UK hallmark stamp for your peace of mind.

Knot rings

Just like every other ring has a different and unique style compared to the others, so does this one. The name “knot” comes from the ring itself that has a knot-shaped design. These rings are special for men who can wear them with anything.

These rings are available in different sizes and you would love the details engraved on the rings. The 9ct Yellow Gold Knot Rings depicts a unique quality design. These rings are certified and have an official UK hallmark stamp for that piece of mind.

Lion rings

Lion rings are a special design for men and for Britannia Jewellery. This is great example of an lion design currently available on the market. As the name suggests, it’s a lion-shaped ring that has a gold lion on top of the ring. These rings are designed for special occasions and go with only selective clothes.

Britannia has some of the coolest lion rings that you will come across. The solid 9ct Yellow Gold Lion Ring looks stunning from the naked eye. Not only are these lion rings available in different sizes, but they have different colored eyes. For example, at Britannia, you have a variety of lion rings available, such as eyes with red CZ stones and black onyx stones.

The extraordinary lion designs are bound to turn your heads. Plus, all of the rings available in the “lion” category is certified and have an official UK hallmark stamp. Each item comes with a UK hallmark for that piece of mind.

Other rings

At Britannia, you have multiple options to choose from. Apart from the above-mentioned rings, we keep a variety of “Dad” rings in our stock. Just like the others, these Dad rings are also made from 9ct Yellow Gold. These rings come with a patterned band that adds to their design.

Moreover, you will find Jubilee rings, Mom rings, and Dad rings among other note-worthy rings. These rings are specially made from 9ct Yellow Gold. The best part about our stock is that we have an unlimited range of products available in all sizes for men. Therefore, you shouldn’t have trouble finding your size. However, even if you don’t find the right finger size, you can contact us and a member of staff will be able to assist you.

Why should you trust Britannia?

Britannia-Jewellery is an established company that has owned and successfully run one of the largest bullion dealers in the UK Lois-Bullion. We at Britannia Jewellery believe customer service is very important to us we will always try to help find what you need. Britannia has ensured that there is no compromise when it comes to the quality of these rings.

All the rings in the Britannia men’s rings section are unique pieces and quality pieces available in a number of different sizes. We ensure that these rings have an official UK hallmark stamp. Moreover, we polish and refurbish all the second-hand jewellery so they jewellery is shown in its best light. Thus, you should be fully confident of buying the ring of your choice, because, at Britannia, you will get the best quality men’s rings.

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