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Britannia Jewellery offers a unique selection of must-have women's jewellery. We have a large selection of women's jewellery in stock, including rings, chains, earrings, necklaces, and pendants in a variety of styles. Platinum, palladium, yellow, white, and rose gold jewellery for women is available in a variety of sizes, so you're sure to discover one that complements your own personality and aura.

You can reach out to our competent and welcoming team to analyze anything you can't find on our website and see if we can help. The majority of our women's jewellery is available online, but if you need to see anything in person, you can visit our women's jewellery store.

Have a look at the following categories that we offer under our exceptional collection of women’s Jewellery:


Britannia jewellery offers an exceptionally breath-taking collection of yellow, white and rose gold bracelet for ladies. Moreover, they are also available with different gemstones for those who prefer a particular style to wear.

Our 9ct gold bracelets for ladies as well as white gold bracelets for women are a perfect option to start with if you feel overwhelmed by our extensive collection.


Many women want to wear jewellery as a statement of delicacy or to show off their social position, and chains are the most popular type of jewellery. Britannia Jewellery has a stunning assortment of gold women’s chain necklaces in yellow, white, and rose gold. They are also available with various gemstones for individuals who like to wear something unique.
Our gold chains for women are bound to give an uplifting look to even a plain outfit of yours. All of the chains offered at Britannia Jewellery come with a certificate of authenticity.


Earrings are a very significant accessory for women because they accentuate their attractiveness and features. Earrings are a great way to enhance your appearance or finish an ensemble. Britannia jewellery has some of the most unique earrings you'll ever see. The following are two of the most popular items; womens diamond earrings and womens stud earrings. You can find pre-loved and new earrings from us online and instore as well. Moreover, our earrings are available in yellow, white and rose gold as well as in platinum. Along with that, they also come with different gemstones such as diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, tanzanite and more.


The necklace, like other pieces of jewellery, has long served as a means of both body ornamentation and personal communication. Necklaces transmit wealth, power, association, status, levels of resources and talent, and components of identity and place as valuable material culture. We, at Britannia Jewellery, understand how important it can be for women to have their accessories on point with their outfits which is why we have such an extensive range of necklaces.

Diamond Necklaces

Just like with every other piece of jewellery that we have to offer, our necklaces also come with the option of either pre-loved or buying them as a brand-new article on their own. They are available in yellow, white and rose gold as well as platinum. Just for heads up, our diamond necklaces for women and gold necklaces for women are currently very much in demand. They are also available with different gemstones in them. We are sure that you will definitely fall in love with them.


Casual, everyday pendants offer variety and sheer joy to even the most basic of outfits such as jeans and a t-shirt, or help a work attire look polished. One day, you might wear a beloved diamond pendant on a short chain beneath your collar, then switch to a longer chain when wearing an oversized open cardigan. It's fascinating to experiment with different chains on a pendant to see how it might expand your jewellery options.
Our womens pendants, like every other product of jewellery that we have to present, can be purchased as women’s pre-owned pendants or as women’s brand new pendants. Our pendants, are available in different types of metal purity i.e., 18ct white gold, 9ct white gold, 9ct yellow gold 18ct yellow gold and platinum. Nevertheless, they are also available in different gemstones as well.


Rings are a powerful symbol of personal identity as well as a social status symbol. It also has personal meaning in terms of marriage ties and religious commitment. Although rings have meaning and worth, they are also a magnificent accessory that enhances your appearance and compliment any outfit. On the search for the best platinum women's ring or something else like this? Worry no more, for we have a wide range of rings to choose from.
Britannia Jewellery understands how rings can just alleviate your simple outfit, which is why we offer an extensive range of women’s rings. Most of our rings are pre-loved however you can find new ones as well. If you can’t, make sure to give a ring to our assistance helpline and we’ll sort things out for you.

As far as metal purity is concerned, we have availability in rose, white, and yellow gold womens rings in both 9ct and 18ct, along with platinum as well as palladium. We also have them with a wide variety of gemstones.
Britannia Jewellery promises to offer you the best and exclusive collection of women’s Jewellery store and online.

Britannia Jewellery promises to offer you the best and exclusive collection of women’s Jewellery store and online.

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