Rollerball Chains

9ct Gold Solid Rollerball Chains

Discover the timeless sophistication of our 9ct gold rollerball chains. With their distinctive design, featuring small, interconnected spheres, rollerball chains offer a unique blend of style and versatility.

What Is A Gold Rollerball Chain

A Rollerball chain, sometimes known as a bead chain, is a type of jewellery chain that is made up of small, spherical links, or “beads,” which are connected by small rods or bars to create a smooth, flexible chain. This design can make the chain resemble a series of rolling balls, hence the name “Rollerball.”

This design gives the chain a smooth, fluid movement, often compared to the rolling action of a ball bearing, hence the name ‘Rollerball’. Crafted in 9ct gold, these chains radiate a warm, rich glow that enhances their elegant appeal.

The spherical links can vary in size and can be made from a variety of different materials, including precious metals like gold and silver, as well as more affordable materials like stainless steel. The chain is often used for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. The smooth, rounded nature of the beads makes Rollerball chains comfortable to wear. Each one of our Rollerball chains are crafted from high-quality 9ct gold and are available in a myriad of different styles to cater to your preferences.

Why Buy A Gold Rollerball Chain

We offer the most competitive prices online and in-store for new and pre-owned gold Rollerball chains. These chains stand out compared to other more common styles of Gold Chains.

Rollerball Chain On Finance

When selecting a Rollerball chain, customers have the opportunity to finance their purchase through Klarna or Novuna Personal Finance. At the checkout, opt for Klarna to pay in 3 interest-free instalments, or choose Novuna, which offers 11 months of 0% interest-free credit. These options allow customers to distribute the cost of their purchase by paying monthly over time, enhancing affordability.

New & Pre-Owned Rollerball Chains

We sell both new and preloved Rollerball chains. Stock is updated frequently.

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