Children's Jewellery

We have a lot of categories in beautiful childrens jewellery that we sell newly made as well as pre-owned so that you can keep your child updated with the on-going fashion trends of the world and make them look fashionable despite their young age. Be it a toddler gold bangle bracelet or kids rope bracelet, we’ve you covered in all aspects. You can either buy children’s gold jewellery online or visit our store to have a look at our extensive collection.

Children’s Bracelets

Bracelets are a favourite baby jewellery present for girls and boys, because they don’t disturb the baby and look very precious on their little wrists. They can also be passed from generation to generation and act as a beautiful ornamental item for the family once the baby outgrows it. Bracelets are common for younger children, starting as early as a few months old. Kids gold bracelets are simple to wear, stylish, and convenient to carry. At Britannia Jewellery, we have an incredibly wide variety of fantastic children’s bracelets to offer you at an incredibly low price.

If you are unsure where to start the search for your perfect bracelet from, you can definitely check out our range of child’s belcher bracelets. We’ve got both toddler bracelets and childrens bracelets in both new and used conditions in 9ct yellow gold. Moreover, we’ve also got different gemstones, and not to forget, all of our childs gold bracelets are certified so you can peacefully purchase them from us.

You can pay a visit to our stores to have a look at the best children’s bracelets uk or even gold childrens bangles that we have to offer.

Children’s Earrings

Earrings have, for a long time now, been seen as a symbol of womanhood and identity among women. Since ancient times, women have been known to wear them with ease and across a surprising range of languages and cultures. The earlobe has long been related to social rank and financial security. No ensemble is complete without a set of lovely earrings, and this is especially true for little girls. It’s not uncommon for young toddlers to desire their ears pierced so that they can wear earrings “correctly” or stay up with the latest trends. Earrings look great on youngsters and can help to make their angelic faces look more elegant and delicate while also keeping them up to date with the latest trends. Britannia jewellery has no doubt some of the best children’s earrings to offer you.

For children’s 9ct gold earrings, we undoubtedly have the best collection. Whether you are on the lookout for white gold infant earrings or 18ct gold childrens earrings, we’ve got you covered. Our children’s collection covers both new and pre-owned jewellery. You can visit our store to have a look at this collection of ours, which we are proud to say, is truly massive.

Children’s Pendants

Due to the significance of jewellery, it has been customary to make children, including infants, wear it since ancient times. It was once thought that certain pieces of jewellery could protect children and babies from bad spirits. On a non-historical note, children want to wear jewellery because they see it in their surroundings or because they witness their favourite celebrities wearing it. Most children, on the other hand, adore jewellery because it makes them feel like smart adults. Nowadays, it’s quite common to see children wearing jewellery and accessories. Pendants, being the most versatile piece of jewellery, are quite popular among children. Britannia jewellery understands your need to make your kid look their best on every occasion which is why we have an extensive range of childrens pendants available.

To start with, you can check out the gold baby pendants. Our pendants are available in 9ct yellow and white gold and 18ct yellow and white gold. We have a variety of gemstone pendants available. Not to forget, our pendants are certified so you will only be sold the best and most authentic of the pieces available.

Children’s Gold Rings

Baby rings are relatively little rings made for the fingers of children. These rings, which were, more often than not, made of gold and other precious metals, resembled miniature signet rings or attractive patterned bands. The rings became a sentimental keepsake as the child got older and may be worn as a charm on a chain. Children’s gold rings can be worn on the middle finger until they become far too tiny to fit there properly, at which point they can be worn on the ring finger. When the ring is no longer large enough to fit on the ring finger, the child can start wearing it on their pinkie finger. So, you can rest assured that the ring will be in use for quite a long time.

Whether you are on the lookout for children’s gold rings or children’s gemstone rings we’ve got you covered. Britannia Jewellery has an extensive range of children rings, which we are sure you will fall in love with. Whether it be a gemstone ring that you wish to gift to the baby of the house or even a basic children’s 9ct gold ring, you can easily find it in our collection both in store and online.

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