Looking for the perfect bracelet for yourself or for someone you love? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Britannia Jewellery we know the value of a bracelet extends beyond its price. We ensure you will find the perfect bracelet, all while experiencing the best customer service.

From diamond line bracelets to gold belcher bracelets, we have it all! We have a vast collection of bracelets that you can choose from. Some of the collection includes Cuban bracelets, Byzantine bracelets, Tulip bracelets, Rope bracelets, Curb bracelets, Rollerball bracelets, and Belcher bracelets among many of others. We also guarantee to provide you bracelets of the greatest quality, so that you can walk away with the utmost satisfaction. Every bracelet is designed with the utmost care and perfection, resulting in the most desirable product you’ve ever come across. These bracelets are composed of materials of the greatest quality, which are bound to give you the most grandiose and lavish look once you wear them.

All second-hand jewellery available is polished and refurbished, hence you won’t have any reservations regarding the used products. Ensuring that our customers have an exceptional experience is one of our top priorities. In case you encounter a problem, contact us.

Belcher Bracelet

Explore our vast collection of belcher bracelets available in a range of colours and sizes. From small 6mm links for children to large, heavy links as a statement piece. Our belcher bracelets are available not only for men and women, but for babies as well. So you can shop for the bracelet that would look perfect on your baby’s skin.
Our 9ct yellow gold belchers are beautifully detailed and suit every occasion. These bracelets can be worn anytime, anywhere!
These bracelets each have different lengths, widths, and weights. Choose the one that best fits on your arm and enjoy the luxury experience of wearing an intricately designed bracelet.

Children’s Bracelet

Children’s bracelets are becoming the norm. Therefore, here at Britannia Jewellery we have the most diverse array of bracelets that will look perfect on your child. Our vast variety of designs are ideal for babies and children alike.

Our most prized bracelet for children is the 9ct Yellow Gold Cz Belcher Bracelet. Many customers desire this aesthetic and beautiful product. It is the perfect bracelet for any young child since it gives them the most exciting look. This comes with a secure clasp that also gives your child extra security. Our other models include belcher bracelets for children that come in a variety of sizes. You can choose the bracelet you think will suit your child the best.

Cuban Bracelets

Our gold Cuban bracelets are a force to compete with. They are available in both solid and hollow 9ct gold and give you a beautiful look with their luxurious design. At Britannia iced out Cuban bracelets and plain gold bracelets are both available in a variety of lengths and sizes. These bracelets are heavily in demand because of their quality. This gold accessory has long-lasting shine and durability, so you don’t need to worry about your bracelet.

Gypsy Bracelets

Gypsy links are exquisite ornaments that can be worn as everyday wear. The alternating links that make up the chain are designed in a unique fashion. Gypsy bracelets are a modified version of Belcher bracelets. They are designed to look fashionable and can be worn with both casualwear and formalwear. Moreover, our gypsy bracelets come in various shapes and sizes so you can choose the one that fits you the best! Our gypsy bracelets are guaranteed to provide you a comfortable experience. They can be easily fastened and unfastened with a latch that blend in perfectly with the gold exterior.

Tulip Bracelet

If you’ve ever wanted a unique bracelet style, our tulip bracelets have a lot to offer. One of our most popular bracelets, this item is designed in a way that will catch the eye of every person. These bracelets are available for both men and women, and look equally good on either.
This bracelet can blend in perfectly to your outfit, whether it’s a casualwear or a formalwear. Our tulip bracelets also come in vast amounts of sizes and weights.

Tennis Bracelet

Looking for a sleek and elegant design in a bracelet? We’re here with the perfect bracelet for you! Our tennis bracelets attract lots of customers all with just the help of their graceful design. Of these, our pre-owned diamond tennis bracelets are frequently desired by customers looking to purchase an elegant design without the massive cost of retail. Tennis bracelets are desired by both woman looking to add glamour to their look or men adding ice to an outfit. We offer pre-owned diamond tennis bracelets of all quality and sizes.

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