Who does not love a nice necklace? They are the most precious items in your jewellery collection as they will amplify any outfit in an instant. Britannia is stocked up for you to have a necklace for every occasion whether it be everyday wear or special piece for formal events.

At Britannia Jewellery, we know and understand what it takes to create a good necklace that not only make you look like a million pounds, but also promise durable quality. We have a broad range of options, so you can be sure to find something to your taste. So whether you want yellow diamonds, gemstones or a pair of diamond studs we have you covered. Big ones, platinum ones, gold ones? Look no further. With Britannia Jewellery, you can always trust the deliverance of nothing but excellent craft.

Trending Necklace Styles

Fashion is never stagnant, it is forever evolving, it instead brings new and sometimes unusual styles. But with necklaces, some trends never go away. Below is Britannia Jewellery’s own list of the best necklace and pendant styles that will make you look like a dream.

Diamond solitaire pendants

This beautiful and elegant design, which is equally soft and stunning, screams royalty like no other. Got a diamond solitaire pendant? Never part with it because it is here to stay forever. You will be ecstatic to know your pendant will grace all dresses and enhance your beauty. Be it on your ring or as a pendant, the moment you wear this style, the aura changes. Your entire look becomes an unforgettable visual. While round diamonds are the classic, standard shape, all shapes are available at Britannia princess, pear, oval, marquise and more.

The Drop Necklaces

Talk about another favourite of many celebrities and the public. The drop design is something designers still cannot stop creating. And why should they? It oozes elegance and a magical style. Everybody is here for that! This style is a quick hit with various dresses and will make any outfit look expensive and tasteful. Everyone knows how a good accessory can switch up your dress game.

Gemstones Necklace

If there is one thing you can bet anything on, gemstones never lose their glory ever. There is just something mystical and glamorous about them that always sets them apart, making them a forever favourite option. Who can ever get over the sheer magnificence of gemstones like sapphire, ruby emerald? All top celebrities have rings incorporating them, and when you put them in pendants or necklaces, the game changes.

Gold Necklace

Wear a simple gold chain or have a small and cute pendant on the chain, a timeless classic that can never go wrong and will pair up nicely. Yes, gold necklaces are big in trend, and from their looks, they are not going anywhere. Gold jewellery never runs out of style because while crystals, pearls, and stones gain popularity, gold reigns supreme as a timeless choice for necklaces. At Britannia we have all different golds available, 9ct yellow gold and 9ct white gold, 18ct white gold and 18ct yellow gold and 9ct rose gold and 18ct rose gold. Platinum also has a place in our necklace lines.

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