Jewellery Shop in the <br>Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

Jewellery Shop in the
Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

Birmingham Jewellery Shop in the Jewellery Quarter

At Britannia Jewellery, we are proud to be a leading specialist in new and pre-owned jewellery. Our shop is located in the heart of the famous Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. Nestled near the famed green Chamberlain Clock, our showroom can be found at 42 Frederick Street, Birmingham, B1 3HN.

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter Jewellery Shop

When you walk into our showroom, you are met with a vast and stunning collection of new and pre-owned jewellery pieces. Our spacious showroom is one of the largest in Birmingham, providing ample space for you to peruse our stunning collection of exquisite chains, pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings & necklaces.

Carefully Curated Jewellery Pieces

At our jewellery shop, we take great pleasure in curating a selection of exquisite pieces that are certain to capture the unique style and spirit of each and every one of our customers. Our jewellery is crafted with delicate precision by master artisans using only the highest quality materials, such as lustrous gold and dazzling diamonds for an eye-catching finish. Whether it’s a timeless gold chain, elegant pendant, dazzling ring or beautiful bracelet – we have something to cherish for every occasion.

Best Jewellery Shop in Birmingham: Online & Offline

We believe that every piece of jewellery we sell carries a unique story and has the power to bring joy and happiness to it’s wearer. That’s why we take pride in being one of the best jewellery shops in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, offering an unmatched selection and at unbeatable prices. 

As a leading jewellery store in Birmingham, Britannia Jewellery prides itself on providing the best of both worlds – a seamless online shopping experience and a luxurious in-store atmosphere. Our comprehensive website showcases our stunning collection of new and pre-owned jewellery, making it easy for customers to browse and purchase their desired pieces from the comfort of their homes.

The Jewellery Quarter JQ: Birmingham’s Hidden Gem

At the heart of Birmingham’s jewellery scene is the famous Jewellery Quarter, as known as the JQ. Just a short walk from the city center, it’s home to the largest concentration of dedicated jewellers in Europe. Among the winding lanes and historic buildings, you’ll find a myriad of artisans and shops offering unique pieces of jewellery.

Britannia Jewellery is one such gem nestled within this quarter. It’s proximity to the city center makes it an easy and worthwhile addition to any Birmingham itinerary.

The Jewel in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

Experience the exceptional beauty of Britannia Jewellery, the jewel in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. As the finest destination for all your jewellery needs, our exceptional range of exquisite pieces, including engagement rings, luxurious necklaces, and captivating bracelets, sets us apart as the most prestigious jewellery shop in the Jewellery Quarter. Our dedicated team of experts, each with a wealth of knowledge and passion for the craft, ensures that every visit to Britannia Jewellery is a memorable one.

Jewellery Store in Birmingham’s JQ

Britannia Jewellery was established in 2017 as a sister company to the well-known brand Lois Bullion. Lois Bullion, has over 50 years experience and it’s success is down to compassion, value and customer care.

The entire brand came under new management in 2017 which echoes these sentiments and brings so much more. Britannia Jewellery’s main aims are delivering the best possible prices to our customers and providing an extensive range of brand new and pre-owned jewellery to treat yourselves or that special someone.

New & Pre-Owned Jewellery Specialist

At Britannia Jewellery we know how meaningful and valuable a special pendant, ring or bracelet can be, not only monetarily but also emotionally. We are committed to ensuring you receive the best customer experience and we hope that has been achieved by navigating through our easy to use website. You can also visit us instore at our large showroom in the heart of the famous Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. Our opulent boutique in the Jewellery Quarter invites visitors to indulge in a personalized shopping experience, guided by our knowledgeable staff.

Free and Secure Car Parking

We understand that parking can be a hassle when visiting a busy location like Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. That’s why we offer free and secure car parking right at the rear of the Britannia Jewellery building. You can park your car confidently and securely, knowing it will be safe while you peruse our showroom.

Discover Hidden Treasures in Birmingham

So, why wait? Plan your trip to Birmingham and discover hidden gems like Britannia Jewellery. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or simply appreciate beautiful things, the city’s Jewellery Quarter has something to offer you. Remember, every piece of jewellery tells a story – it’s time to start yours with Britannia Jewellery.

We take immense pride in our collection and our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. We hope to welcome you to our Birmingham showroom soon, and help you find the perfect piece to cherish for years to come.

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