Lion Rings

9ct Gold Lion Head Rings

Welcome to our prestigious collection of men’s 9ct gold lion head rings. We have an array of styles that embody the strength and majesty of the king of the jungle. Each piece is meticulously crafted to capture the powerful symbolism of the lion.

What Is A Lion Ring?

A lion ring is a unique piece of jewellery that features the face or head of a lion, often intricately carved or molded in gold. This powerful symbol of strength, courage, and leadership has been celebrated in various cultures and epochs, from ancient civilizations to contemporary designs. Our 9ct gold lion head rings, whether they’re adorned with gemstones or ruby eyes, encapsulate this enduring emblem of power and majesty.

Why Buy A Lion Ring?

Choosing a lion ring from our collection is about more than just owning a piece of jewellery; it’s about embracing the qualities the lion represents. These rings are versatile, designed to add a bold statement to any outfit while expressing your personal style and strength. Their durability ensures they can be cherished for a lifetime, and their unique design sets them apart from common jewellery pieces. When you invest in a lion ring, you’re not just buying a ring; you’re investing in a symbol of leadership, strength, and courage.

Lion Rings On Finance

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own a beautiful piece of jewellery. That’s why at Britannia Jewellery we offer easy and flexible finance options for purchasing your lion rings.

With Klarna, you can divide your payment into three interest-free instalments. This allows you to spread the cost of your lion ring over time without incurring any additional charges.

Interest Free Credit

If you prefer a longer payment period, Novuna Personal Finance offers an 11 month plan with 0% interest. This means you can start wearing your lion rings now and pay for it later, all without worrying about interest.

Both these finance options provide the flexibility to manage your budget while enjoying the luxury of owning a classic lion ring.

New & Pre-Owned Lion Rings

We understand that each customer has unique preferences and needs. That’s why we offer both new and pre-owned lion rings. Each pre-owned ring is carefully inspected to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and authenticity. Whether you choose a brand-new ring or a cherished pre-owned piece, rest assured that you’re investing in a piece of jewellery that carries a legacy of quality and craftsmanship. Browse our collection today and discover the perfect symbol of strength and majesty.

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