Gold rings and chains becoming more popular with uk hip hop, grime & music communities.

In the uk today fashion trends are forever evolving, more so than ever gold jewellery is becoming more popular than ever especially with men within music, film & arts.

Music stars have always had an interest in gold. Gold rings, chains also known as ice or bling is more popular than ever. Grime artists & hip hop stars in the uk music scene are seen more than ever repping their favourite gold jewellery. Music stars like Dizzee Rascal, Drake & Stormzy set the standards for new fashion / Jewellery options today.

Original Rappers like 50 cent, NWA, P Diddy & new artists use jewellery as a symbol of success as many hip hop stars come from humble beginnings and want to share this success with their fans and others in the industry.

Britannia Jewellery has a large collection of gold chains, rings. For anything bespoke contact us.

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