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Men’s fashion today necessitates them having some sort of accessory to go with their outfits in order to enhance their appearance. Britannia Jewellery has a one-of-a-kind assortment of men's jewellery. We carry a wide range of men's jewellery, featuring rings, chains, necklaces, and pendants in a range of styles. Men's yellow, white, and rose gold jewellery comes in a wide range of sizes, so you're sure to find something that suits your temperament and energy and aligns perfectly with the men's trend.

You can connect to our knowledgeable and friendly team for assistance with anything you can't find on our site. The majority of our men's jewellery is available online, but if you need to see something in person, stop by our men's jewellery store.

Have a look at the following categories that we offer under our exceptional collection of men’s Jewellery:


Bracelets were worn by wealthy men to show their power and prestige. Bracelets have developed from a good luck charm to a symbol of status to a current style accessories for men. We, at Britannia Jewellery have an exceptionally wide range of mens bracelets, with 9ct gold bracelets for men in white, yellow and rose gold along with some of mixed metals as well. Mens gold Cuban link bracelet is surely a stealer item you need to check out.

There are three different gemstones available in boys gold bracelets namely; cubic zirconia, diamond, and plain. Moreover, our bracelets are available at affordable prices, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a good deal. Our bracelets are also available in two different conditions, i.e., new and preloved for you to choose which option suits your budget best.


Despite what sceptics may claim, chains have long been a timeless and masculine accessory when properly chosen and worn. It's a piece that allows the wearer to express their personality while also demonstrating an interest for finer details, and men’s chains can even have sentimental value.

At Britannia Jewellery, we have both new and pre-loved chains for men. Our chains are available in white and yellow gold as well as mixed metals. They are even certified to assure you of their originality and quality. Just for heads up, our mens 9ct gold chains are a hot seller.


Men wear necklaces for a variety of reasons, including to express themselves, have fun with their style, and to feel luxurious. Necklaces, when worn close to the heart, can provide strength, comfort, or reflect something special to us. Because they are often fashioned of expensive metals and stones, they are frequently used for ceremonial, religious, magical, or burial purposes. They are also employed as symbols of wealth and rank.

We offer both new and pre-loved articles, each of which is certified so that you only receive genuine items. Necklaces can be appealing to guys under the age of 30. A simple silver or gold chain, or one with a charm, will suffice, and we happen to have both kinds in our selection. Safe to say that we have the best collection of mens necklaces.

Mens Rings

Some people feel that wearing rings denotes money, status, or power. Others consider them to be a symbol of platonic companionship. Wearing a ring on the right thumb may also represent assertiveness. Wearing a ring, is not always meaningful; it might just be an accessory that gives your clothing a boost. Men are increasingly wearing rings to commemorate key events other than weddings and pledges. Anniversary, birthdays, college graduations and other occasions are just a few of the numerous occasions that men commemorate by wearing rings on their fingers.

At Britannia we have a wide collection of rings for men to choose from. Whether you are looking for mens 9ct gold rings, mens diamond rings or even boys rings, we have got you covered. You can find white, yellow and rose gold rings in new as well as pre loved conditions either from our website or in stores. Along with that we also have different types of mens gemstone rings available as well. All of our articles are certified to give you assurance that the product you buy is genuine. We help you find the perfect simple or fancy mens rings.


The majority of pendants are just ornamental. Pendants have long had symbolic and magical purposes, presumably because they dangle protectively in front of the body and near the heart. Pendants can be hung from almost any kind of chain to give a fresh look.

At Britannia Jewellery, we have a moderate range of men's pendants available for men to choose from. You can opt for new condition ones or pre-loved ones, the quality and look of each being nearly identical and alluring. We offer 9ct gold pendants in white and yellow gold, with different gemstone fittings available for you to have a wide variety to select from. Along with that, all our available pendants, both in store and online are certified for you to be assured that only the best product will be delivered to you and nothing less.

Explore the jewellery store for new and pre-owned rings, chains, bracelets, pendants, earrings & necklaces.

  • 9ct Yellow Gold Heavy CZ Belcher Chain 30.5″ 11.5mm
    9ct Yellow Gold Heavy CZ Belcher Chain 30.5″ 11.5mm
    9ct Yellow Gold Heavy CZ Belcher Chain 30.5″ 11.5mm
    9ct Yellow Gold Heavy CZ Belcher Chain 30.5″ 11.5mm
    9ct Yellow Gold Heavy CZ Belcher Chain 30.5″ 11.5mm
    9ct Yellow Gold Heavy CZ Belcher Chain 30.5″ 11.5mm
    9ct Yellow Gold Heavy CZ Belcher Chain 30.5″ 11.5mm

    9ct Yellow Gold Heavy CZ Belcher Chain 30.5″ 11.5mm

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