Men’s jewellery trends have changed over time. In this current moment in time, men’s jewellery and accessories have never been more diverse, tangible and eye catching. Jewellery is perfect for setting off any looking nicely, whether it’s a day to day casual look featuring a curb chain to formal evening wear topped off with a pinky ring.  

Men today feel more comfortable than ever to express themselves & their individuality with new found clothing fashion trends & with their jewellery preference.

Men’s jewellery is very personal and many people today especially men are embracing their individualism through their personal fashion style & choice of jewellery.


Men’s chains come in many shapes, sizes and designs. They are often worn as statement pieces to complement a particular outfit. This can be seen more and more in today’s society. Music videos often feature stars wearing casual clothing paired with a curb chain or pendant. Casual wear, combined with diamond encrusted necklaces is a style that has been in fashion since the days of Run DMC to today’s styling of Aitch in his recent video House & Garage. Proving this to be a classic and timeless look.


Men’s bracelets are a brilliant way to make any look pop. The various designs can be for everyday wear or statement pieces which are the main focus of your look. Men’s bracelets also make a wonderfully unique and thoughtful gift for that special person in your life. Often they can come in matching styles with a  necklace or worn as individual pieces. Classic bracelets include the Curb or Cuban styles. A current trend, rising in popularity is the Belcher bracelet. Styles in the Belcher bracelet range from plain, embroidered to diamond or Cubic Zirconia encrusted for that special occasion.


Men’s rings are the perfect accessory for any occasion. A classic keeper ring for everyday wear or a fancy signet ring paired with a well fitted suit for a formal occasion at Britannia Jewellery we have the right ring for you.  Rings have proven themselves to be a good investment choice. They are small unique styles, available for you to collect and wear to a range of events. Including precious stones in a ring will be a timeless choice. A popular style at the moment is the Pyramid Ring. Often created with 9ct yellow gold, it’s unique style is sure to turn heads!

Whatever Your Fashion, Style & Jewellery Choice We Have Something For Everyone

Whether you would like to shop for yourself or would like to buy a gift for that special man in your life make sure to visit Britannia Jewellery Instore at the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham or browse our large collection of gold rings, gold chains, gold bracelets online