The long anticipated film set in 1800 Bristol United Kingdom hosts an all star cast including Gladiator Legend Russell Crowe (also seen in American gangster, Noah & Thor love and thunder) as relative to the young prize fighter. Also starring Ray Winstone (The Sweeney, Black Widow, Indiana Jones) as the young mans fighting coach.

The Life of Jem Belcher “prize fighter” film is an American British drama film about the birth of boxing here in the United Kingdom.

The film dives deep into the life of Jem Belcher who became the youngest ever world boxing champion, blind at 22 and died age 30.

According to Wikipedia sources

James Belcher, also known as Jem Belcher (15 April 1781 – 30 July 1811), was an English bareknuckle prizefighter and Champion of All England 1800–1805.

Written by Matt Hookings & Jem Belcher also acted by Matt Hookings

Britannia Jewellery friend Big Joe Egan (Mike Tyson’s sparring partner, Actor, Sherlock Holmes) plays a friend / coach to Russell crowe’s role “Jack Slack!” Who is Jem Belchers grandfather.

The gritty, non rags to riches, original boxing film will keep the viewers both excited & educated on the history and tradition of boxing fighting in the United Kingdom.

The film also boasts the presence of Marton Csokas, Jodhi May, Steven Berkoff and Julian Glover.