Over the past decade, we have had many charities contact us for support. As a business, we believe supporting a charity in our city of operation is important. Giving back to the society we trade within is critical for helping our community within Birmingham UK.

Britannia Jewellery & our sister company Lois Bullion Frederick Street Jewellery Quarter Birmingham have made a commitment to our local hospital. We also firmly believe that supporting a children’s charity is a moral obligation to our community.

How can I make a donation?

If you would like to make a donation simply come by our Britannia Jewellery showroom Frederick Street Jewellery Quarter Birmingham. Free parking & refreshments on site. Or call us 0121 212 1715

What happens to the donation?

Once we have collated a substantial amount of donations, we will sell all items in organised job lots through Fellows Auction House Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

How can I stay informed on Britannia Jewellery charity commitments?

Simply follow Britannia Jewellery on Instagram & Facebook for future updates surrounding Birmingham children’s charity & our support.