9ct Gold Chains – Which style to choose!

I remember my first time choosing a 9ct chain and it was certainly a minefield once I started delving into the various types of chains you can get! Chains have a deep rooted history in most cultures and set way back to ancient Egypt when Silver and Gold was first thread together. Chains became a status symbol, with various designs that later included pendants and precious stones.

So, I thought I’d give you a helping hand, to help choose which chain you go for by providing a breakdown below:


Curb chains are probably the most classic choice of chain that never goes out of style. It consists of a simple design of flat identical interlocking links. Curb chains come in various sizes and styles for any occasion. A great gift that will always be welcome!


Little is known of the origin of this chain, but we can all agree it’s beautiful and original. The design consists of 4 chains in 1, with each chain link passing through the other four. This is a lesser known style, but oozes class and sophistication.


The Belcher chain is currently a big seller in the UK especially the heavy set belchers. It comprises of a round interlocking link with alternate links turned to 180. This is a great alternative to the popular curb chain. There is wide selection of patterned or CZ set belcher chains and bracelets that can be found at www.britannia-jewellery.co.uk


Cuban or Miami Cuban chains are solid thick identical interlocking links. Often customised with diamond and other precious gemstones to give it that drip factor. A piece sure to get you a double look.


These are typically manufactured in Italy consisting of 2-3 smaller circular links accompanied by one enlarged oval link. A simple but classic look and a great fit with numerous types pendants.


The rope chain also has the nickname “Dookie” made famous in the early hip hop scene by a pioneer hip-hop group Run-D.M.C. Constructed by 2 or more rows of twisted links interconnected to give the distinctive rope look.


This is a modern design that consists of interlinking tulip patterned links. The tulip is a newer look that seems to be growing in popularity. We have invested in making tulip chain and tulip bracelet that can be purchased in store or via our website <a href=”http://www.britannia-jewellery.co.uk”>www.britannia-jewellery.co.uk</a> subject to availability.

Bike link

This is a less popular choice making it more original. The bike link chain, does what is says on the tin! Looks like a bike link. Again, this is available in various sizes and finishes. Please visit Britannia Jewellery to see our range.


Gypsy link chains are becoming more popular all the time and they can quickly go out of stock. The design typically consists on a rectangular link with two round belchers interlinked either side then in turn linked to a rectangular link again repeating the pattern.


This is another popular link consisting of a two flat oval links interlinked by one round belcher link providing a great look for any occasion.


The Franco chain consists one half of chevron shaped links which makes it recognisable. The other half typically a curb chain design which makes this chain reversible for two different looks. A versatile chain which is interchangeable.

There is a wide variety of chain designs and honestly there’s no right or wrong answer, it’s simply what you like the look and feel of! My first chain was a curb style, but I have since upgraded to a number of different chains, including a belcher and a rollerball. I also got my partner a rope chain for Christmas that she loves!

If you decide you would like to purchase your first chain, looking for an upgrade or even a gift for that special someone then visit Britannia Jewellery in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham for wide selection pre-owned or brand new chain.