At Britannia Jewellery Birmingham we have many clients daily visiting us both online and instore at our Frederick St Jewellery Quarter Birmingham Showroom. Many of our customers who are browsing for new jewellery ideas welcome our many suggestions. Cheltenham horse races have been a long established sports event supported by many sports enthusiasts and horse lovers across England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and worldwide. With hundreds of thousands of people descending each and every year upon Cheltenham, England for the races, many spectators are always seeking new fashion and jewellery styles.

With St Patricks Day, Ladies’ Day and more daily celebrations, Cheltenham races are one of the greatest locations to show off your latest wardrobe and fashion accessories.

So below we’ve given you some simple ideas to add more wow factor to your suits and dresses at the races.

Jewellery Ideas for Men at Cheltenham races

Men typically wear tweed coats, jackets, sharp suits and depending on the time of the year the colours may vary. Winter/Spring presents more auburn, browns, greens & darker colours. If you’re a man whose personal style Is bold and loud then perhaps a chunky yellow gold curb bracelet accompanied with a yellow gold keeper ring/saddle ring? Alternatively, if you prefer men’s jewellery with more of a subtle look perhaps consider a slim matching yellow gold Cuban chain or rope chain and bracelet. Many men prefer to wear stylish branded watches such as Tag Heuer, Breitling. Rolex, Panerai, Audemars or Patek . Add some additional jewellery to boost your image.

Jewellery ideas for Women at Cheltenham races

Cheltenham Races is world renown for its famous “women’s day” where women have the opportunity to flaunt their favourite new dress/gown and hat. Fashion, appearance and body image is at the forefront of many women’s minds, especially on Cheltenham races ladies day. Why not further accessorise your dress at this year’s Cheltenham races with a white gold diamond pendant, bracelet and earrings? Want something more loud and unique why not check out our range of women’s jewellery both instore and online. Britannia has a wide range of women’s rings, rare jewellery with ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl, diamond, gold and more.

We at Britannia Jewellery hope you have a great experience at this year’s Cheltenham Races and we hope to see you instore at the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham we welcome your visit.

Good luck with your bets!